And so this is Christmas.


It’s begun. The two-plus month holiday we call Christmas. Screw Thanksgiving, it’s the time for getting and all the big stores are hawking their shiny new things to the masses. But if you dig a little deeper amongst the video waves of shill, you might just find some meaningful and poignant messages of sharing and giving and all the nice things we sometimes forget about.


When it comes marketing and advertising, Christmas season is my favorite time of year. There are two distinct roads brands take during this time of year. Most show off their products in a way that makes children scream, “I want that! I want that! I want that!” during every commercial break. And adults too are targets, with flashes of shiny jewelry and big-screen TVs catching their eyes.


But it’s the other road that I appreciate most. It’s the ads and videos and social media messages that are about sharing and caring and giving and loving that are most meaningful to me. It’s those marketing and advertising ideas that I feel have the most legs. I am more apt to share, tweet, like and talk about those with others. And so, without further ado, I’d like to share a couple good Christmas spots from this season so far and one from last season.


The first one is from John Lewis. It’s about a boy and his penguin Monty.

While I think it’s cute and a good story and will probably sell a bunch of penguin stuffed animals, it’s not as great as their Christmas spot last year about the bear and the hare.



The last spot is from Sainsbury’s and is a beautiful retelling of the Christmas truce between the British and Germans in WWI. It has a great message and is marvelously shot and filmed.



I do hope to see some American brands showcase some great messaging that I will want to share and talk about but so far of what I’ve seen, they have taken the other road. If you have seen any great Christmas/holiday season marketing or advertising, feel free to share in the comments section.


A very merry xmas
And a happy new year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear


-John Lennon