How to Advertise on Pinterest without using Pinterest.


If you haven’t heard about Pinterest yet then you probably live under a rock. And if you aren’t on Pinterest, then you’re most likely a guy as there are more women on Pinterest than men. With visitor traffic up 145 percent since the beginning of the year and close to 12 million users, Pinterest is the hot new social media site right now. And because of this, businesses and their brands are trying to figure out how to leverage Pinterest. It seems an advertising agency in Israel has figured one unique way to leverage Pinterest.


Smoyz, an ad agency out of Israel, created a Pinterest campaign for their client Kotex. While many businesses are pinning their products and ideas on Pinterest for others to share, Smoyz took a different approach. They created “Woman’s Inspiration Day” for Kotex and then went to Pinterest to find 50 inspiring and influential women. They then studied their boards and their pins to discover what inspires them. Once they figured out their individual inspirations, they then bought or created these inspirations based on their pins and sent them a customized gift box containing their inspirations along with a box of Kotex. The results were surprising but yet expected. All 50 women not only pinned the gift boxes and the items on their Pinterest boards, they also posted the pictures and talked about the gift boxes on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Smoyz recorded 2,284 interactions with an unbelievable 694,853 total impressions.


So if you want to build brand awareness on Pinterest or any other social media platform, you have to create a buzz worthy idea that will make your consumers talk and talk and talk about it. Through a simple idea of presenting 50 women with things that they love and that inspire them, Smoyz and Kotex created a lot of buzz with a small investment.


The reason why Smoyz and Kotex were so successful is that they listened to their customers and gave them exactly what they wanted. And with Pinterest, that’s not that difficult to figure out since the basis of the site is for people to share what they love and what inspires them. Sometimes the simplest of sites and the simplest of ideas can end up being huge as Smoyz proved.

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