Top 5 Tips on How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Top 5 Tips on Writing Blog Post

Top 5 Tips on How to Write an Effective Blog Post

One of my clients recently came to me asking how to write a blog post. He had lots of great ideas but didn’t know how to format them for a blog post. It’s actually a common question that I hear often and one that is fairly easy to answer but still requires some further input.

Write Like You Talk

The first thing I always tell clients who want to write their own blog posts is to just pretend like they are talking to a client or coworker when they start writing. If you can carry on a conversation with your clients and employees and keep them engaged in what you’re saying, then you shouldn’t have a problem turning those conversations into print and keeping them engaged with your posts. You could write white papers and research papers and more technical documents, but for clients who are just starting out with content marketing and writing blogs, I usually recommend that they write in a more conversational style.

Write About the Top 5 Things

Some of the easiest and most popular blog posts out there are Lists posts. Every second, millions of people are online searching for the Top 5 of this, the Top 10 of these, and the Top So-and-So in this place. Whether it’s the top 5 restaurants, the top 10 most popular ice cream flavors, or the top books on business ­– list posts are great for SEO and are great for your business. So what services or products do you sell and how can you turn those things into a list that your customers want to read? Your customers have probably already asked you, perhaps every day, what are the top or best choices. Just like this post, write them up for your customers to read and new customers to find online.

Write About How To Do Something

How do I do this? How do I do that? How does this happen? How-To’s are another very popular blog post that are great for SEO. People are always asking Google questions on how to do something in hopes that there is an answer somewhere out there that will help them do it. Some of my clients are a little hesitant about offering too much advice as they feel they are giving away their business secrets. But think of it as advertising your expertise on solving a problem your potential customer has. The How-To may be too difficult or take too much time for the reader to do, but now they know who to contact to do it for them.

Review Things

Share your opinion on the products or services you sell. What do you think about the latest product that you are selling? Is it worth upgrading from the previous model? How does this service compare to that similar service? Is this the best choice for the money? Customers appreciate an honest salesman and Review posts give you an opportunity to be completely honest and detailed in what you think about your newest product or service. This type of post also allows you to really get into the weeds and dive into the little details that someone looking for reviews is wanting.

Answer Customers Questions

Can’t think of what to write about for your next blog post? Just ask your customers. Whenever a customer asks you a question, write it down and keep a list going. Pretty soon, you’ll start to see many common questions that are being asked often and just like that…you’ll have your next blog post. If your customers are asking you these questions via phone calls, meetings and emails, there’s a good chance they’re asking those same questions online and looking for answers. In fact, if they’re asking them, who knows how many other potential customers are asking the same questions. Why not write a blog post answering the question and find out. You could also add an FAQ section to your site with the most popular questions or create an FAQ Section on your blog where customers can see all the questions and read the posts to find the answers.

Hopefully, this post will spark some ideas and help you get started on writing a great blog post that will please your customers and attract new ones. There are many other blog post styles and other content marketing ideas that you can use to further attract customers and we would be more than happy to sit down with you or talk with you about them. Just give us a shout and in the meantime, happy blogging.