Lesson Learned from Ad Blockers

Lessons Learned from Ad Blockers


I recently read a research article from GlobalWebIndex titled “1 in 2 Blockers Say Ads are Annoying or Irrelevant” in which they asked 22,000+ ad-blocker users why they block ads. The answers were understandable and I agree with much of them, but does this mean your Indianapolis business should stop placing ads online?

Online Ads Are Annoying. The ROI Isn’t.

I’ve written about ad blockers before and stated that businesses and digital marketers shouldn’t fear ad blockers but learn from them. From the report, the biggest reasons for blocking ads was that most ads are annoying or irrelevant, ads take up valuable screen space, there are too many ads on the internet, and they are intrusive. While one could conclude that online advertising isn’t a good choice to grow your business, I would agree IF the ROI for online advertising was terrible. Luckily for businesses, it’s not. Online advertising through services like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have a great ROI if you do it right.

Don’t Be Irrelevant. Hone in On Your Target Audience.

Don’t treat online advertising like traditional advertising where the “spray and pray” method is par for the course due to the difficulty in targeting your exact audience through outdoor, TV, radio, and direct mail advertising. With online advertising, you can precisely target and serve up your ads to only the people that want to buy your product or services. You can target moms in Noblesville or 20-somethings in Broad Ripple or Indianapolis business owners. And if you want to get even more targeted, like 25-year old males in Indianapolis who love to run, drink beer and cheer for a Premiere League team, then you can do that with many of the ad services. If you don’t spend the time upfront to set up your targeting then your ads will be one of those online ads that people complain about that are irrelevant. By monitoring the click-through rates, bounce rates and conversions on a daily basis; you will be able to adjust and improve the performance of your online ads.

Diversify Your Digital Marketing.

The proliferation of ad blockers may be disconcerting for the businesses selling the ads, it shouldn’t be for the businesses buying the ads. If your business only relies on online advertising to drive traffic and sales, then I would be worried. But you shouldn’t be just relying on online advertising to grow your business. Online advertising should be just a piece of your overall digital marketing efforts. Just like in investing, you need to diversify your marketing efforts. At Root Digital Marketing, we focus on four digital marketing areas for Indiana businesses to pursue. They are online advertising, content marketing, social media and email marketing. By not putting all your eggs in one basket, you’ll find changes, like ad blockers or Google removing right side ads, won’t be such a huge impact on your business’s bottom line.

Provide Value in Your Online Marketing.

Whether it’s a blog article, a Facebook post, a YouTube pre-roll, a Google AdWords ad, or a monthly email newsletter; always provide value to the end user. Don’t sell your product online, sell a solution to a problem the customer is facing. Entertain and educate your audience. Become their friends. Make your marketing and advertising relevant. Make it valuable. Make it welcoming. Make it the opposite of what the users in the GlobalWebIndex report stated for the reasons for using ad blockers.

Make it Happen.

Boost traffic and sales for your business online and offline through strategic digital marketing. Contact Root Digital Marketing today and start growing your business tomorrow. While most of our clients are from Indianapolis and surrounding areas, we are always happy and capable of providing top notch digital marketing services to businesses wherever they may be in the world.

Don’t Fear the Ad Blockers



With Apple recently revealing that they would enable ad blocking on iPhone’s and iPad’s Safari browsers, publishers and advertisers have been flipping out over the probable loss in revenues as a result. But the reality of it all is that they are the ones to blame. They brought this upon themselves by creating and serving terrible advertising to their users. The good news is that this is not the end of the world of publishing as we know it, and that there are somewhat simple solutions that can minimize the losses and create a better digital world for their users to enjoy.

Nobody Hates Good Native Advertising

Native advertising or sponsored content is one of the least obtrusive ways to advertise in the digital world. The key is to make it subtle and make sure your readers are the key demographic for your advertisers. If you can deliver great content that your readers seek out and share with the marketing serving as a content curator and not a content promoter, advertisers and readers can benefit mutually.

Make Ads Less Addy

The whole reason why internet users are using ad blockers is because they’re tired of the annoying ads on the sites they visit. The ads are obtrusive. The ads are not for them. The ads are distracting. The ads are frustrating. The ads won’t stop. And then they’ve had enough and if you’re lucky they run an ad blocker over leaving your site forever. Publishers and advertisers need to improve the quality of the ads that they deliver. They need to be more targeted towards the demographic. They need to provide value to the users. They need to tone it down. They need to drive users to content as opposed to more advertising. Users have the power to not just tune out your message like in radio and outdoor, but remove it completely. Don’t give them a reason to do that.

Educate Through Content Marketing

Give your customers what they want not what you want them to want. In other words, when your target audience visits your site, they want to learn more before they buy. They want to learn more about your product and the industry it inhabits. If you have a great product or service, then the content you create should make your potential customers smarter and wiser about your product or service. When they do eventually buy, they should feel that they are making the best and smartest decision and that your brand was instrumental in helping them make that decision. If you did your job, then your customers should turn from students to teachers as they educate others about your industry and your product or service.

Be Social in Social Media

Build relationships not revenue. Talk with your audience not to them. Treat them as your friends not your potential customers. Share links, pictures, stories and other content related to your product or service that they will find valuable. Join in the conversations they start with comments, likes, retweets and shares. Answer their questions. Thank them for their purchases. Add value to the conversations. When the time comes and if you’ve built a strong relationship with them and they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

Mix It All Together and Serve.

The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to mix, combine, weave, integrate all the digital marketing formats above into a solid marketing strategy that delivers many customer touchpoints across the digital spectrum. Your social media marketing can drive traffic to your content marketing. Your content marketing can lead to social media follows. Your ads can lead to email sign-ups. Your native advertising can lead to content marketing on your site. And together, that all can turn visitors into friends into buyers into fans of your product or service. The growing popularity of ad blockers should challenge your marketing not defeat it.