3 Marketing Ideas for Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Marketing Ideas

Virtual reality or VR, seems to be the next big thing for 2016. Last year it was live streaming where we saw Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live roll out to the masses. But this year, it seems that wherever you turn, whether it be at CES or SXSW, VR is present in a big way. So now that it is here, how do businesses adapt it or should they adapt it?

Virtual Reality Customer Experience

Much like live streaming, VR or virtual reality isn’t for every business. Although with a little creative thinking and a big imagination, it could be. Should a plumbing company use VR to provide a homeowner an immersive experience of what the clog in their drain line looks like? Probably not, but it may be helpful for the plumber to inspect the main line for any cracks or breaks using a VR camera and headset. While VR can serve lots of purposes in a business, most businesses are thinking about how to use it for marketing and advertising. And for certain businesses and industries, it should be seriously considered right away.

Virtual Reality Drivers Seat

If you are a car manufacturer or dealer, why not provide customers a VR experience of sitting in the drivers seat of your cars? Imagine a customer sitting at home who is thinking about purchasing a new car and goes online to look at pictures and videos of the car. What if they could download the Honda App or Chevy App, put their phone in their Honda or Chevy branded Google Cardboard and experience what it looks like to sit in the driver’s seat, the passenger’s seat, the rear seat, etc.? I would hope that a car manufacturer has already done this but if they haven’t, I would it will be soon.

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours

The next big industry that VR seems like an obvious choice is the real estate industry. Videos and pictures are great for getting an idea of what a home or office space looks like but why not take it a step further and allow the potential buyer to experience virtually standing in the kitchen of the home or walk down an office hallway? I’m always trying to figure out the layout of a home or where the photo was taken from when looking at homes for sale. With VR, I can simply turn around and look up and down and know exactly what the room looks like. So if you are a realtor, like F C Tucker Real Estate in the Indianapolis area, think about being the first realtor in your area to do this. It would be great for buyers and also great PR for your business.

Virtual Reality Concerts & Events

And finally, if you are an event management company or venue or conference organizer, why not offer VR tickets to your concerts and events? Many conferences are already offering live streaming but take it one step further and provide a VR experience as if the person was sitting in the first row of the event. This idea has actually been implemented before and will be somewhat common going forward. I know Coachella recently announced a VR app for their upcoming music festival that will let people experience the festival as if they were there. I know Samsung, as well as OnePlus, provided a VR stream for their recent launch events. Once the technology gets much better and more immersive with surround sound, I think a VR ticket to a concert or music festival could be the next big stream of income for concert promoters.

Get Virtual

As you can see, there are lots of potential uses for VR and with the price of VR cameras becoming much more affordable, I see 2016 as the year of VR. It will be everywhere, including in your child’s Happy Meal. Get ready and get on board, it’s going to be a fun virtual ride.

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